RECIPES: Rice with what?… from Puerto Rico

4 Sep

RECIPES: Rice with what?… from Puerto Rico

Rice is a grain rich in starch that is used to cook in all parts of the world. Originally from southeast Asia. In Puerto Rico and The Caribbean Islands it is used in a wide variety of dishes. This is why in our homes’ pantry you can always find this popular and useful grain. The best of it is that in the culinary art there are one and a thousand ways to cook it, and each recipe has a different taste. This book contains a variety of recipes for rice which I believe are the most popular in our land. They are especially selected and combined in such a way that you can taste in every bite the unique flavor of its ingredients, which will satisfy all this grain’s lovers palate. Among these you will find recipes for rice with chicken (Arroz con Pollo), rice with pigeon peas (Arroz con Gandules), “Congri” rice, rice & pigeon peas soup, and many others. Come and discover the secrets of our puertorican flavors. And, if you want to learn more about other dishes and special meals of Puerto Rico, browse into the variety of books with recipes that we offer in our books collection.
Type: Recipes : Desserts



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