Roast Turkey “Step by Step”

28 Nov

Thanksgiving Day & Christmas, traditional celebrations to gather with family, recognize God’s blessings and share a delicious dinner where the main dish is usually Roast Turkey. Here I share a delicious step by step recipe of stuffed roast turkey from Puerto Rico that you will love.

Roast Turkey with Stuffing

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional celebration of the United States and Canada. Dating back to the year 1621 in Plymouth, the current state of Massachusetts, when the English pilgrims held a feast next to the Wampanoag Indians to thank God for the provision of the harvest of the year. It’s a very beautiful and moving part of history where we can see brotherhood among different peoples and their gratitude to God for his blessings. By being nice and comfortable, many countries have adopted it as part of their traditions.

When Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States, as with many other holidays on the island, this day was assimilated through our political relationship. The day starts early in the morning when all members of the family gather at the parents or grandparents home to spend the day together. The females of the family begin days before preparing delicious delicacies for cooking and enjoying all in good company. Adults and young people are entertained with dominos, cards and table games, watching movies and cartoons or animated specials with Christmas themes and enjoying tasty hors d’oeuvres, until the afternoon when the whole family gathers together to make a prayer and enjoy the special dinner. The christmas party, which we call “parranda or asalto”, begins in the evening in households till late hours of the morning.

Dinner is usually served at mid-afternoon: the traditional roast turkey with stuffing and barbecue sauce, ham with pineapple and cherries, rice with pigeon peas, puerto rican pasteles, potato or elbow salad, green banana or sweet potatoes vinaigrette, and delicious desserts such as coconut pastries, rice or corn pudding, cheese or vanilla flan, and pumpkin pie.

In Puerto Rico, meats are very important at the table when preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. In this book you will find an elaborated tasty recipe of stuffed roast turkey the way me make it here in the Island. You will love making it, and I am sure it will become one of your favorite recipes. You’ll also be glad you made it for your family and guests for the Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration, or any other special season of the year.




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