Error fixed in Roast Pork Step by Step

12 Dic

I found errors on my self-published book on Kindle. Roast Pork “Step by Step” Now that I have fixed them, I (and my customers) need to re-download the corrected version?

I bought a copy of my own book, of course. There were a few sections where there was a word error that I didn’t catch it right away. I have fixed it and loaded up the corrected copy…but I would like to have the corrected version on my Kindle-for-PC. Moreover, I’d really like to think that buyers can have the corrected copy without having to purchase it again.

I was under the impression that this was done automatically, and they emailed you but that is not correct. So after reading the procedure, amazon has to review my request and then send a new version to my customers.

The email will look like this:

We’re writing about your past Kindle purchase of Roast Por Step by Step by Iris Cruz. The version you received had missing content and typos that have been corrected.

An updated version of the book is now available. It’s important to note that when we send you the updated version, you will no longer be able to view any highlights, bookmarks, and notes made in your current version and your furthest reading location will be lost.

If you wish to receive the updated version, please reply to this email with the word “Yes” in the first line of your response. Within 2 hours of receiving the e-mail any device that has the title currently downloaded will be updated automatically if the wireless is on.

Sorry for the error.




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